How to achieve business growth with excellent customer service – all at the same time!

Cirrus IT Services’ ( talented young apprentice Tom Shone-Ellison shares his thoughts on teamwork, young attitudes to technology, apprentices and customer service. In the latest blog on the CirrusITS website Tom talks about how to achieve business growth with excellent customer service – all at the same time.

Cirrus IT Services are proud to achieve 100% positive customer feedback month on month.

Owner Scott Magee made the leap to set up his IT, Cloud and Communication services company nearly three years ago. Uncompromised, sincere, fabulous, caring and exceptional service continues to drive success.

Tom receives on-the-job experience as businesses save money on telecoms, answer calls remotely, access data faster, move premises and more. He’s even starting to understand the hype about GDPR and how the new GDPR legislation aims to protect personal data.

Scott comments, “We want to be the go-to place for all business IT and Communication needs. We want to stop business owners from wanting to throw their laptops through windows – which let’s face it, most of us feel like doing at some point (even us!).”

Talking further about his staff he says, “We aim to provide a genuine, caring, great place to work. We want to be a place to learn. We strive to be a progressive force behind the adage “knowledge is power” so we invest in our staff, help them gain relevant qualifications and learn from experience.”

Clearly Tom has made a great start to his career. Take a look at his blog

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