Business Support on your Doorstep with Pink Spaghetti

On a daily basis many people outsource tasks, such as their gardening, cleaning, or ironing, all with the aim of saving them time, or delegating a task that they don’t like to do! However, have you ever considered outsourcing for your business? If so, look no further . . .


Karen Book and Katie Skinner started Pink Spaghetti Preston & Surrounds PA Service in April 2016 and have successfully grown the business to date. Their primary aim is to provide business support to small and medium sized businesses, therefore enabling owners and staff to continuing growing the business they operate, rather than carrying out tasks that shouldn’t consume their time.


Outsourcing your business support needs to Pink Spaghetti can be a wise move for your company. The duo provide an all-round Personal Assistant service including tasks such as administration, research, social media management, organisation, training and so much more!

The service is very cost effective, as they are able to work either virtually or attend your premises when needed. They have no contract tie-in, so you can use them on a regular basis or simply as and when you need support.

Pink Spaghetti can offer a company the flexibility of having an extra member of staff when needed, without some of the ‘hassles’ associated with employment. No training needs, no wages, no tax or pension criteria to meet. If your company is considering taking on staff, why not outsource first, to see how an extra member of staff could work within your company.

The benefits of outsourcing are endless, but the main consensus has to be the time saved, allowing you to focus on growing your business and the tasks that really need your expert attention.

Karen and Katie have both worked in a variety of industries and have gained a wide range of skills and expertise over the years. They said:

“Our excellent customer service and desire to provide quality support is the core foundation of our business. Our organisational and time management skills are first-rate and our ability to undertake your specific requirements will be a smooth and cost-effective process. Our diverse abilities can assist you in the day-to-day running of your business – we really are here to help!”

A simple chat with Pink Spaghetti can provide you with more information, and possibly a new way of working for the future.

So if you want to get 2018 off to an efficient and affordable start, simply contact Karen and Katie on 0333 335 0971 or


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