Hardman McNeal Triumph At The Wyre Business Awards

This year’s Wyre Business Awards were held at The Marine Hall in Fleetwood, with two local ladies being presented with a prestigious award, the icing on the cake of a phenomenal year in business for the pair.

The evening was attended by over 250 local business people, and there were over 180 nominees over 15 categories for these coveted awards. The award ceremony commenced after a fabulous gala dinner, in the glittering and bedecked main hall, hosted by Wyre Borough Council.

Jenny Hardman and Cate McNeal were there as nominees for the evening along with many of their peers and clients, and were delighted to win the Special Recognition award, a category with very stiff competition. Hardman McNeal won the special award for their outstanding work in 2017, supporting local businesses and helping them in their own unique way with their blend of support, coaching and training.

Jenny Hardman said: “This is such a fabulous achievement and one that was so unexpected! We really feel that what we do for local businesses makes a difference to them, and it is just so amazing for that to be recognised in the wider business community. We strive to collaborate with other businesses and organisations, many of whom were attending these awards, and the Fylde Coast business community is an exciting place to be right now.”

Part of Hardman McNeal’s core values is to make coaching, training, seminars and workshops accessible and available to everyone in business, and working with the areas micro businesses and start-ups is at the heart of all they do. Alongside their business support business, the duo also run the Lancashire Business Owners Network, which is a free non-corporate network boasting over 1200 members, and regular sell out local meetings.

Cate McNeal said: “We set our stall out at the very beginning to be able to support those smaller businesses who may not be eligible for other help. Business to consumer, sole traders, creatives, online sellers, micro businesses in the area – these are all business people who are adding to the growth of the local economy, but fall under the radar for conventional help, funding and support and it is our mission to make sure that these business owners are provided for and nurtured. This award recognises that our work is noticed and is making a difference and that is fantastic.”


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