Lancashare member Tim Akerman publishes sci-fi novel

What a group of multi-talented members we have at Lancashare – non more so than Tim Akerman of Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd ( ), who has just published his first novel!

You can find details of his book, titled The Swarm Project,  on Amazon, using this link and if you love science fiction, or know someone that does – then this book is for you!

lot 65 million years ago… An advanced species threatened by a rebel faction develop a bioweapon to protect their way of life.
Designed to be immortal, Elfinnim have created short-lived life forms that are deadly and territorial, yet vulnerable to termination on a whim.
A prototype weapon – a female from a species they have designated Human, indistinguishable from Elfinnim – has escaped the project, with the fearsome prospect that their weapon is thinking for itself and jeopardising the success of the project.
Warrior caste investigator Hal Balal is sent by the Elfinnim Grand Council to track down the rogue bioweapon and discover if there is a plot that puts the safety of all Elfinnim at risk.
How did the weapon escape and what are its aims? Why doesn’t it respond to commands as programmed? Is it a lone rogue, or is there an Elfinnim traitor bent on bringing down society to satisfy their own thirst for power? Can Hal find the weapon before it is turned against the Elfinnim empire?


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