Lancashire-Made ‘Self-Driving’ Lorries to be Trialled

The Government will spend £8.1million on the first platooning trials in the UK, using lorries made at Leyland Trucks in Lancashire.

Leyland has been synonymous with innovation on our roads since 1896. Back then their wagons ran on steam, soon they’ll be run by wi-fi.

The idea is that lorries for different companies could join up in platoons for all or part of their journey.

Initially there would be platoons of three lorries but in the future we could see many more. When the idea was first announced there was talk of up to 10 in a platoon.

The back two are controlled by the front one, so when it brakes or speeds up, they do too.

One day the followers at least could be driverless, but at the moment there’s still a driver in each, who is steering and can take total control whenever they want.

The full article can be viewed here on the ITV website 

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