Logs Direct Employee Is Crowned ‘Apprentice of the Year’

Nineteen-year-old, Dan Rutherford, who has an apprenticeship with Lancaster-based wood and solid fuel supplier, Logs Direct, has won the title of ‘Apprentice of the Year’ in the inaugural Bay Living Awards.

The Bay Living Awards rewarded outstanding professionals and businesses from north west Lancashire and South Cumbria in many categories, but Dan was the youngest winner of all.

Dan started an apprenticeship with Logs Direct on October 6 2016, to back up his theoretical studies for a Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage from the North Lancs Training Group.

He is so far ahead of the expected rate of progress that he will finish his training months early. This is despite having not just done what was necessary, but also voluntarily choosing to work on additional units and completing hours of independent research.

All of the evidence presented to the judges, including working at a much higher level than his Level 2 qualification and always displaying a positive attitude, along with excellent reports from his training officer, led to Dan becoming the first winner of the Bay Living Awards’ ‘Apprentice of the Year’ title.

Dan Rutherford says: “It’s amazing to win this award and to work at Logs Direct. I’ve been there for a year and I think I stand out a little bit because I try to do a little bit extra for everyone.  I feel humbled by the recognition.”

Logs Direct’s Sales Director, Stephen Talbot, says: “It’s wonderful for us to see how much Dan has gained from his apprenticeship and now to see him lift this award.  His development has been truly impressive and his attitude is first-class.  He is definitely the epitome of what a good apprentice should be and we are delighted to have played a part in his progress, at this early point in his career.”

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