Networking Groups Celebrate £3 Million Year

BNI  ( ) networking groups in East Lancashire are celebrating after members generated over £3 million in business for one another in the last year.

Part of the world’s biggest referral organisation, Business Network International, BNI Kudos, BNI Infinity and BNI Zeus, meet every week in Burnley, Blackburn and Accrington respectively.

Established over 30 years ago, BNI has over 200,000 members in over 70 countries worldwide.  It works by organising weekly networking meetings for groups of businesses who work to find business opportunities for one another.  Each group, or chapter, follows proven networking processes to ensure the maximum amount of business is generated for members.

Jan Evans, Dean Williams and Jaydee Davis represent the leadership teams of the three chapters in East Lancashire that have generated £3,173,116 in the last year.

BNI Kudos chapter president Jaydee Davis said: “We’re really proud to have collectively generated over £3 million for businesses here in East Lancashire.  One of the reasons BNI stands out from other types of networking groups is that we have proven procedures that ensure we take a proactive approach to generating a significant amount of business for each other.

“One of those procedures is the Thank You for the Business box, passed around each week, which is how we know we have generated at least £3 million of business – though that figure doesn’t actually take repeat business or second generation referrals into account.  If it did, the figures would be even higher.

“BNI in Lancashire is actually leading the way nationally, having stepped up the goal in some chapters from £2 million to £5 million a year, so these figures show we are well on our way towards being a benchmark for the UK.  The key to success with BNI is getting the right people in the group.  We’re lucky to already have a great group of businesses in all the groups, but we always have our doors open for visitors to see what it’s all about and decide if it could work for them too.”

PHOTO: Jan Evans of BNI Zeus (Accrington), Dean Williams of BNI Infinity (Blackburn) and Jaydee Davis of BNI Kudos (Burnley).


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