Nybble Providing Cloud Services with a Twist

When Nybble advertised their cloud services, being up amongst the real, fluffy whites was not a consideration.

However, despite his intense fear of heights, Owner & Director Ram Gupta has opted to leap out of a plane to help raise money. Invited to take part in this year’s Corporate Challenge for the East Lancashire Hospice ( https://www.lancashare.co.uk/directorydetail/health-social-care-services/east-lancashire-hospice ) he found himself very moved by the stories shared. Accompanied by Nybble’s Content Writer, Jill Wells, on the challenge induction day they learned more about how the fundraising could be done and how it would help.

Good natured competitive banter was shared, some networking and tasty snacks served then a hush fell…a lady quietly stepped forward.

With a halting voice and immense bravery, she shared her memories of the day she said goodbye to her best friend, her husband. About a grandson who flew in from Australia desperately trying to make it in time. How she was gently and lovingly prepared for what was to come. Her terror of living life without her precious partner met with loving comfort, support and love.

How the entire family was supported… not only up to that terribly sad moment, but afterwards. So much so, that the memories remain precious, filled with sadness but not trauma.

Walking back to the car was a defining moment for Ram and Jill.

The commitment was there it didn’t need to be voiced.

Now they are asking if you can help them?

Could you spare the price of a cup of coffee?

If you can then please donate here on their fundraising page: https://www.gofundme.com/nybble you could even walk away with a brand-new tablet by entering the caption competition.


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