Saira Hussain Attends Housing Debate at the House of Commons

Saira Hussain, The founder of Hussain Architectural Design (HAD) a female-led multi-award winning architectural and planning consultancy attended the House of Commons last week. The debate was hosted by Virendra Sharma MP and attended by MPs Paul Scully, Keith Best, Caroline West and Baroness Verma.

The debate touched on topics such as immigration, NHS, Brexit and Housing which was of particular interest to Saira.

Saira said: ‘It’s been estimated that 10,000 new homes need to be built every year in the North West to keep up with the growing population. While new research says house prices are likely to increase by more than a quarter over the next four years as supply struggles to meet demand. I have spoken to clients in Lancashire & Manchester who say they’re finding it impossible to get on the property ladder. There is a severe shortage of homes in some areas of Lancashire area. ‘

‘We need to ask the question of where we are going to put all these new houses. The typical answer to that is ‘brownfield’ which is conveniently vacant land that’s already been built on, and so won’t offend many people if it is built on again but the truth is there isn’t enough of the brownfield land to go around. If we’re actually going to meet demand for new homes, we really only have two options: we can either build up, or build out.’

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