TotalCRB #worktogether Charity Donation Campaign

TotalCRB Disclosure and Barring Service  ( ) based in Burscough, have launched their #WorkTogether Charity Donation Campaign.

One of TotalCRB’s core group of clients is charities, some of whom must carry out DBS checks on volunteers and staff working with vulnerable adults and children. TotalCRB, being closely involved with several Charities, are constantly seeking ways in which the costs to these charities could be reduced.

Through various consultations with Charities they have created the #WorkTogether campaign. This campaign is aimed at giving, not only charities, but also companies and organisations who use TotalCRB the opportunity to have regular donations made on their behalf to a charity of their choice off the back of their everyday business activities – DBS Checks.

The #WorkTogether campaign provides charities, companies and organisations with the opportunity to donate regularly to a charity of their choice. For every 100 DBS checks they carry out, TotalCRB will make a £50 donation on their behalf.

In the case of a charity achieving 100 DBS checks through the services of TotalCRB a donation of £50 will be made to the charity themselves, this can then be reinvested into the charity enhancing the services they provide to their clients.

For more information on getting involved in the #WorkTogether campaign, please email, call 0800 310 1057 or visit our website, www, where you can download the full information leaflet.


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